Resilience Frontiers is a unique UN-catalysed initiative which lets us shake off the limitations of today’s systems to think and act in ways that create a resilient, thriving future for humanity and nature.


The UNFCCC-led initiative shows how, by harnessing tools like frontier technologies, indigenous knowledge, and good environmental stewardship, it is possible to enrich, rather than deplete, our future world.


The building blocks of Resilience Frontiers were co-created by a diverse team of international experts and foresight thinkers who, following a rigorous methodological process, developed eight pathways of transformative change that catalyse an irreversible shift towards a desirable future.


By inspiring a new action-oriented mindset and worldview, these pathways put a thriving world of resilience within reach.


“The starting point is to adjust our own mindset towards a desirable future world and see how we get there and what types of new systems can be catalysed to produce that future world.” Youssef Nassef, Director, Adaptation; and founder of Resilience Frontiers; UNFCCC

See our overview document here and brochure here.