New look for Resilience Frontiers

In 2021 we rebranded in a bid to create a look that would really capture the essence of Resilience Frontiers.

This was an open and collective process that took us on an amazing journey with a group of designers who gave every ounce of creative energy to imagining ways the uniqueness of Resilience Frontiers could be communicated without words.

The logo you see now on our website reflects that journey. Built around a series of interlocking shapes, it represents different facets of Resilience Frontiers.

“The underpinning shapes look like waves of water, and they represent nature-based structures,” the designers explain. “The shapes layered above this resemble leaves, petals and feathers representing a symbiotic oneness with nature; connectedness, and a collective ‘free space’ that can be breathed into. One of these shapes is referenced as a leaf, with eight veins running through it to represent the eight pathways at the heart of the Resilience Frontiers vision.”

The dynamic stroke you see around some versions of the logo like you see below, is to represent openness, foresight and progress.

For the colour palette, which has two levels, the designers opted for a primary layer of green and purple, to ‘represent vibrancy, nature and foresight’. This, the designers add, is then “coupled with a bold blue of water, and the UN blue, to connect to the UNFCCC’s lead role in the initiative”. There is also a secondary palette that brings in highlights of nature, with vibrant orange, turquoise and green colours.