Highlights from COP 28 (Wed 6 Dec)

Wed 6 Dec kicked off with a panel session sharing insights on water resilience featuring three Brazilian mayors and the CEO of Sabesp, André Salcedo Teixeira Mendes. The second session of the day was highly interactive – participants shared in virtual reality experiences where they were immersed in mesmerising imagined futures of life without certain resources like electricity. Then the participants applied this experience of a very different 2050, in an interactive game, imagining how they then consider the use of resources differently in possible scenarios and how they apply this to their own actions. The afternoon commenced with an open conversation about finding the power and opportunities in intergenerational dialogue. The group shared impressions across different age groups to find areas of potential collaboration could bring a shift towards a positive shared future. Sci-Fi Economics rounded off the day by completing their series of events with a co-creation workshop – exploring foresight opportunities for radical futures for the financial system.

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