Highlights from COP 28 (Tues 5 Dec)

On Tues 5 Dec, the mural that was started yesterday on collaboration among diverse energy sources was brought to completion. A panel session followed talking through the role of Fintech in empowering a better world – the group at the Accelerator Lab explained that they are mapping the emerging signals of change in this area and shared this survey, feel free to add your views to it. We enjoyed a busy lunchtime screening of ‘Green Mountain Pioneers’. Film Producer Sarisher Mann, said that the innovators creating the resilient solutions for mountain tourism in the Alps, provide a narrative of hope for the future. We then hosted an interactive workshop, sharing experiences of younger people in planning for the cities of the future, and highlighting the need for their voices to be heard. After a new screening from our Haiku Futures poetry project referencing our Pathway 4: Equitable and inclusive management of water and other natural resources; there was a panel session on tools and strategies for circular water systems, using the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil as an example. Another panel session was held on ‘just transition finance’, and the day rounded off by performance by the Hot Poets, of their new poem ‘Blink’, in the UNFCCC pavilion.

See our highlights video below, and watch our dedicated web page for all our latest programme activities.