Highlights from COP 28 (Mon 4 Dec)

On Monday 4th Dec, artist Julieta Romero commenced a mural on the wall of our pavilion expressing a hope for diverse energy collaboration – this work will continue tomorrow. Come and see it while in the making! Then a panel discussion followed, on reimagining the future of women in green sectors in North Africa. The afternoon was kicked off with a screening of ‘Vivant’, a film expressing the subtle connections in life and nature. The Sci-FI Economics series continued after lunch with a workshop, part of which was a thought-provoking game, where the group imagined themselves as mayors of a collection of islands managing different scenarios. Filmmaker and screenwriter Michael Nash led us through a learning journey referencing his film, ‘Climate Refugees’ which will join an art time capsule that’s going to the moon in January 2024! We wound down our day with an awe-inspiring interactive demonstration of Ebru, traditional Turkish marbling art, with artist Aysegül Akyürek (brought to our pavilion with the support of Turkey).

See our highlights video below and follow our dedicated page for our programme and further updates.