Highlights from COP 28 (Mon 11 Dec)

The Hot Poets started Sat 9 Dec off by performing ‘Bangkokian Amphibians’ at the Thai Pavilion, then ‘Mother of the Forest’ in the Resilience Frontiers Pavilion. We then shared in a documentary screening: ‘Exploring African-led narratives for inclusive green growth’, followed by a group conversation about how creativity can be leveraged to empower climate advocacy. Participants took the opportunity share their own perspectives on the film and how it relates to them, and many commented on feeling a connection to the stories of the African people portrayed in the film.

Today we have also enjoyed a musical emphasis in our sessions in the middle of the day, firstly with traditional Thai interactive and musical performances, then Annabelle Ho of ‘The Official Youth Constituency of the UNFCCC (YOUNGO)’ led us through a combination of conversation, storytelling and live violin performances, where participants reflected on their own climate actions.

The second session of our ‘Gardens as First Movers for Human Mindshifts’ took place this afternoon. Today, it focused on wellbeing. We watched a film showing examples of the harmony of art and nature in the lives of artisans in Japan. We learned that silk dying processes are much more effective in a river rather than a bucket of standing water, the importance of how light enters a building and the sound of water in the creative process.  This led the group to reflect on their own modern lifestyles and how working styles, technology and AI could be jeopardising our connection with nature. The Hot Poets then performed ‘Between the Lines’, a poem about the life of a farmer.

Our last session discussed how to translate wisdom and storytelling from indigenous people, into the language we use for laws and regulation, discussing along the way how different people relate to the term ‘indigenous’. The group brainstormed on ways to make a law out of a wisdom or principle – for example, what if every person was required by law to plant a tree every year?

The evening was rounded off with art and film screenings of Vivant, Renaissance Collection, and Faces of Climate Change – in the Climate Action Zone.