Highlights from COP 28 (Fri 8 Dec)

There were no events on Thurs 7 Dec as it was the COP 28 rest day. Refreshed, we picked our programme back up on Fri 8 Dec with a conversation around the Global Commons – our atmosphere, oceans, land surface and biodiversity, and how we can better care for these. The conversation used the example of tuna, we often see this as a commodity that is tinned and part of an industry, but we forget about it as a species that has an important role in a living ecosystem.

We then had a conversation around the use of art and creativity with some examples of businesses who are promoting a new regenerative socio-economic model.  

The Hot Poets performed ‘Super Sleuths of the Street’, then we had a panel conversation about how collaboration and data sharing can help to build more resilient societies. The open-source community – OS-Climate was presented as an example of how sharing data and diverse information can help to inform banks to make more positively impactful investment decisions.

Following this, we commenced a new series of sessions around gardens as first-movers for mindset shifts. This first event focussed on ‘Ancestral Gardens’, showing a film where the gardener in the Japanese gardens in Kanazawa explained that “instead of trying to mimic nature, they incorporate the spirit of nature”. There will be two further sessions on wellbeing and gardens, and the creation of future gardens over the next two days.

The Hot Poets rounded off the day with a co-creation workshop making poetry inspired by our Pathway 5: Equitable management of transboundary concerns, which will be performed on Mon 11 Dec.


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