Countdown to COP 27

Resilience Frontiers will be hosting a pavilion at COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, from November 7th to 17th. 
Through an interactive programme of in-person events, expert-led sessions and creative experiences, we will continue our journey of unpacking the Resilience Frontiers pathways that lead us towards a desirable world of permanent resilience.
Each day we will focus on doing this by exploring questions and ideas relating to the pathways, engaging with storytellers, scientists, foresight thinkers, philosophers, young innovators, and business leaders.
If you are planning to attend COP27, we would love you to come along and be part of the Resilience Frontiers pavilion experience: step into our oasis at the heart of COP27, engage with people from all walks of life at our Future Café, connect with the future in inspiring new ways, and actively participate in our programme.
If you are not planning to attend COP27, you can still follow the pavilion on our dedicated COP27 page at on our social media channels.