Bonn retreat breaks new ground

In early February members of the fast-growing Resilience Frontiers network gathered in Bonn to discuss and debate exciting ways forward for the initiative in 2022.

From its inception Resilience Frontiers has been doing exactly this, engaging actively with a diverse group of voices and opinions. This open and democratic approach reflects the reality that the future is about all of us.

At the UNFCCC campus retreat in Bonn, Youssef Nassef, Director, Adaptation, UNFCCC and founder of Resilience Frontiers, got things underway with a quick recap of the vision and story so far. It was an inspiring opening to what was to be a lively week-long programme.

The first couple of days saw core team members at Resilience Frontiers share updates and ideas for 2022 to the wider group, with the floor opened to everyone for input and feedback. The outcomes from these passionate sessions, along with the Futures Literacy workshops held mid-way through the programme, went a long way to informing the next-steps meeting held at the end of the week.

On the final day the team found themselves in a strong position to finalise plans for developing new and impactful activities, and to kickstart the build-up to the Resilience Lab at COP27.