Working Session, Songdo 2023

Resilience Frontiers is designing the tenets of a desirable and resilient world where all of humanity and nature can thrive. 

The UNFCCC-coordinated initiative was launched in Songdo in 2019, when a group of over 100 leading thinkers came together to use foresight thinking to develop eight pathways of change to chart the route to this future. 

A successful return to the Republic of Korea for Songdo 2, saw representatives from the Pathway working groups and the Advisory Groups gather for an important working session.

The meeting took place 28–30 August 2023, Songdo Convensia, Incheon, Republic of Korea, during Korea Global Adaptation Week.


The Songdo working session (Songdo 2) 

The objective of the session was to accelerate the implementation of the Resilience Frontiers (RF) Roadmapping Phase by bridging the work of the different thought leadership groups (RF Advisory Groups and RF Pathway Groups) to identify first-mover pathway actions. 

The current Roadmapping Phase is prioritising the actions most likely to serve as first-movers in the transformation trajectory for the eight pathways of RF. Different RF thought leadership groups have advanced at different rates and already arrived at important insights, pushing the boundaries of current knowledge and practice in their respective area of coverage. The Songdo meeting catalysed the sharing of these insights and identified any course corrections in the direction of travel of this phase. 

Following the Roadmapping Phase, the implementation phase will commence, whereby RF will focus on moving forward the identified first-mover actions our Blue Swans for transformation which will unlock momentum towards the achievement of the pathway visions.

The modalities of the session centred around specific foresight-driven exercises that applied current findings to enable backcasting from the future scenarios associated with the pathway storylines.