Virtual Resilience Lab Series #2

Resilience Frontiers convened the Virtual Resilience Lab series between July and September 2020, as a continuation of its effort to engage global thought leaders. The outputs from this series will feed into the road mapping phase of the initiative.

Part I of the Virtual Resilience Lab series took place on 29-30 July, where thought leaders from all over the world discussed positive values and opportunities to foster lifelong learning to ensure environmental stewardship. Following the successful launch of part I,  part II of the series, which took place on 2-3 September and focused on ‘Retooling global cooperation to effectively respond to future climate risks’ covered the following topics, which correspond to three pathways (among eight) of the Resilience Frontiers:

  • Pathway 3: Ensuring universal equitable coverage of and open access to, big data and information, and related benefits to human well-being
  • Pathway 4: Managing water and other natural resources in an equitable and participatory way
  • Pathway 5: Managing transboundary considerations equitably