Pathway storylines


For each of the eight pathways of transformation, we have developed two possible storylines. One is the current route that are currently on if we do not make changes, the other is the aspirational ideal vision that is available if we make the paradigm shifts required.

See the storylines here and the animations below.

Pathway 1: Transforming humanity’s relationship with nature

Pathway 2: Lifelong learning for environmental stewardship

Pathway 3: Ensuring universal equitable coverage of, and open-access to, (big) data and information.

Pathway 4: Managing water and other natural resources equitably and inclusively.

Pathway 5: Managing transboundary issues equitably.

Pathway 6: Applying a holistic, ecosystem-centred approach to optimise future health and wellbeing

Pathway 7: Regenerative food production

Pathway 8: Developing transformative financial instruments