Impact Advisory Group

Role and Purpose

The role of the Resilience Frontiers Impact Advisory Group is to provide high level independent advice to the Resilience Frontiers Initiative on how behavioral and communication tools can be positioned to support a global transition towards permanent resilience over the next decade.

The advisory group will identify leverage points in the global communications system, and analyse the relevant ways to help bring into existence new, widely held values about our relationship with nature and with each other that enable the paradigm shift towards a sustainable and resilient world.

The advisory board members may also play a role in supporting the work of the RF pathways through providing advice on storylines, pooling actions related to communication, and dissemination.


The Resilience Frontiers Impact Advisory Group is comprised of executive-level behavioural change and communications professionals from a range of disciplines (film production and distribution, mass communication, data science, behavioral science, social norms). This breadth of expertise offers depth of insight (theory, story structure, narrative transport, dissemination across branches of communication, data analytics) to the Resilience Frontiers Initiative.

The members can be seen below, their biographies are available here.

  • Kian Bakhtiari
    Founder of The People
  • Vanessa Berlowitz
    Producer and co-founder, Wildstar Films
  • Cristina Bicchieri
    Professor of Social Studies and Comparative Ethics at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Wolfgang Blau
    Journalist and Media Manager
  • Henry Bonsu
    Journalist and moderator
  • Lincoln Brown
    Analytics and investment in social impact
  • Lesley Chilcott
    Filmmaker and Director
  • Roy Conli
    Executive film producer for Walt Disney Animation Studios
  • Richard Foster-Fletcher
    Boundless Production
  • Shereen Fotouh
    Marketing and advertising executive
  • Alex Gordon-Brander
    CEO, Teratree
  • Jennie Hammond
    Producer, WildstarTV
  • Funmi Iyanda
    Executive Director at OYA Media
  • Elan Kriegel
    Co-Founder of BlueLabs
  • Michael Nash
    Beverly Hills Production
  • Youssef Nassef
    Director, Adaptation, UNFCCC & Founder, Resilience Frontiers
  • Stephen Nemeth
    Producer and head of Rhino Films
  • Kim Stanley Robinson
    Science fiction writer
  • Raman Saggu
  • Debra Satz
    Dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences, Stanford University
  • Koko Warner
    Manager, Vulnerability subdivision, UNFCCC
  • Michael Weisberg
    Professor and Chair of Philosophy at Perry World House University of Pennsylvania

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