Pavilion @ COP 27

Our Resilience Frontiers pavilion at COP 27 held in-person events and creative experiences from 8-17 Nov.

Our pavilion represented an oasis at the heart of COP27 where people could discuss and connect with the future in inspiring new ways.

Throughout COP 27, the Resilience Frontiers pavilion had daily coverage from the Earth Negotiations Bulletins (ENB). See all the coverage here and some of the highlights below.

Overview video

Image Gallery

Here’s an overview of our programme below, and a pdf version available here.

The Hot Poets

COP 27 was a perfect opportunity to collaborate with the ‘Hot Poets‘ again. Liv Torc and Chris Redmond of the Hot Poets joined us to perform at our pavilion at COP 26, and also contributed to our Second Brainstorming Event in Gaborone in 2022. Their creative input was welcomed again during the second week of the COP 27 programme. Liv and Chris led tailored creative writing workshops and performances bringing people together to find new ways to express their responses to our pathways, and live-action speed poetry was created while our discussions went on and performed as a timely summation at the end. The poems written in response to some of the sessions can be enjoyed here.

Daily highlight reels

Focus area: Transforming humanity’s relationship with nature

Focus area: Lifelong Learning for Environmental Stewardship

Focus area: Ensuring universal equitable coverage of, and open- access to (big) data and information

Focus area: Managing water and other natural resources equitably and inclusively

Focus area: Cross-cutting day


Focus area: Managing transboundary issues equitably

Focus area: Applying a holistic ecosystem-centred approach to optimise future health and wellbeing

Focus area: Regenerative food production

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