Bright Lights

In 2020 work began identifying a rapidly growing number of innovations, companies, organisations, and projects, which are already leading the way in creating a desirable future.

These changemakers exemplify the best practices in working with future-focused values and we showcase them through our channels and events to inspire others about what is possible when working in alignment with the Resilience Frontiers pathways.


“Bright Lights are activities and initiatives that are already living the future vision embodied within the eight Resilience Frontiers pathways and accelerating our transition to that better world.”

Youssef Nassef, Director, Adaptation, UNFCCC & Founder, Resilience Frontiers


The criteria used for assessing Bright Lights centres around these 6 key areas below. The examples are sourced and ranked by a diverse team with broad perspectives across various areas of expertise.

  • Compatibility with the concepts of circularity/regeneration
  • Absence of ancillary harm (e.g. maladaptation, new inequities)
  • Potential for durability (absence of likelihood of reversibility)
  • Relevance to a transformed world that would have undergone a technological and social paradigm shift (i.e. not exclusively designed for today’s world)
  • Contribution to the shift towards the desired future world, through furthering one or more of our pathways’ utopian storylines or impeding dystopian ones
  • Feasibility, not necessarily by today’s standards, but taking account of the opportunities offered by frontier technologies


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