Resilience Frontiers is a first-of-its-kind UN ecosystem that moves the world’s collective thinking beyond the dystopian paradigms created by today’s challenges and into a future that is desirable. The actions that flow from this shift in thinking will allow us to bridge the gap to that desirable future.


“The starting point is to adjust our own mindset towards a desirable future world and see how we get there and what types of new systems can be catalysed to produce that future world.” Youssef Nassef, Director, Adaptation; and founder of Resilience Frontiers; UNFCCC


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Resilience Frontiers reimagines our world beyond its current horizons, where in harmony with nature and each other, we harness the power of frontier technologies to enrich, rather than deplete, our environment and overall wellbeing.


To help people reach this future world where all of humanity can thrive, Resilience Frontiers has developed eight cross-cutting and holistic pathways of transformative change.